VIP Talk

VIP Talks are led by Stan Lai and Nai-chu Ding.
(Example talk subject: “Learn About Creativity” or “The Creative Pattern – The Creative Process of Performance Workshop.”)


The subject will be about creativity.  Lai will breakdown the structure of his work and share his source of inspiration, allowing the audience to get to know the unseen struggle and ultimate fun of the process of “coming up with a question and get the answers for it.” Like the clock that stops at 20:20 inSecret Love in Peach Blossom Land, or the sky of the scene where Jiang Bingliu and Yun Zhifan breaks up in Shanghai, why can’t it be orange?

Talks led by Nai-chu Ding, on the other hand, is based on the perspective of a manager of a creative organization and the discussion of how an organization protects the creative people and the inspirations? Ding will also talk about twenty-eight years of experience applying various cooperation mode in order to come up with the perfect way of producing for multifarious of artworks.

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