Curriculum Planning

The American architect, Louis I. Kahn, is quoted saying, before any architecture begins, you have to consult nature. Once, a discussion surrounding a “boy's club” was held in a class led by Kahn. They were discussing “What do you think a boy's club is?” One of the classmates answered, “I think a boy's club is a from place. It is not a to place, but a from place. It is a place which in spirit must be from where you go, not to where you go.” Kahn then asked, “Is a school a to place or a from place?” Performance Workshop has promoted performing arts classes for corporations, schools, clubs, and various public places. Currently, there are creativity classes, trial classes, and practical classes; meeting different needs of the subject, class size, and time schedule, with the nature of making the classes a “from place.” Perhaps the classes will be held in different places, perhaps the classes will not take place at certain regular times every week, but we hope that everyone will carry something and take something back once the class is over. So, the next time you join Campus Frolic! classes, you'll be thinking “I'm back.”

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