Campus Frolic!

101 Ways to Spark Inspiration for Creativity

When we learn to view the world from 101 perspectives, we'll be able to share 101 types of creativity with everyone!


In order to share the passion of challenging creativity and to exchange information about top contemporary cultural and artistic aesthetics, Performance Workshop has been promoting the performing arts project, “Just Perform It,” since 2004 – touring many cities on Taiwan with enthusiastic actors and an experienced technical team. Not only do we challenge all kinds of theater, “Just Perform It” also contributes to providing a sense of local customs rather than the stereotypical metropolitan style. Through “Just Perform It,” Performance Workshop shares twenty-eight years of creative experience and points of view with schools, local governments and corporations, and discovers something even more fun than the very act of performing. Last year, we presented twenty productions and hosted more than eighty classes and lectures in total. These activities are indeed the very medium that provokes new talent.

“To make performance enjoyable and fun” is our ultimate goal – using a rather relaxing way to discuss serious subject matter, inspiring both the performers and the audience; we hope the audience is not simply watching the performance but participating in reflecting on society, allowing new discussions and thoughts on significant social themes through watching the performances.

This year, “Just Perform It” has been updated and renamed as “Campus Frolic!” Through original plays and the strengthening of the curriculum and lectures, "Campus Frolic!" will benefit from the combination of past performances from Performance Workshop. Meanwhile, everyone will have the opportunity to understand the creative process and even participate in it. We are more than excited to spread the happiness through these performances and interactions.


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