The Venetian Twins

Performance Workshop's Commedia dell'Arte

A pair of Venetian twins, Zanetto and Tonino, unknowingly arrive separately in Verona on the same day in search of their respective romantic interests. The twins, identical only in appearance, have greatly differing personalities and intellect and are mistaken for each other in a plot that escalates in complexity with each passing moment. In preparation for their roles, the actors took classes on professional stunts, swordsmanship, acrobatics, somersault and dance.

Original Script by Carlo Goldoni

Translation and adaptation by Zhong Xinzhi

Directed by Zhong Xinzhi

Cast: Jin Shijie, Yin Zhaode, Zhu Hongzhang, Melody Yin Yue, Wei Yi Cheng... etc.

Scenic Design: Su Xiaoqing

Lighting Design: Fang Luyun

Costume Design: Christine Suzuka and Gyokurei Suzuka

Music Design: Gao Da Wei

Executive Producer: Nai-chu Ding

Produced by Hsieh Ming-chang

World Premier: 7/30/2004 National Theater, Taipei

Toured Cities: Chungli, Kaohsiung, Taichung

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