Welcome to Shangri-la!

Performance Workshop's First Musical

Welcome to Shangri-La is about a man, Wang I-Fan, who has lost his heart and soul because of his successes and excesses. One day Wang I-Fan finds his career and fortunes falling apart and is completely alone.  Even his wife, Ji-ling, is increasingly alienated from him. In an attempt to escape from his troubles, he goes on the run where he meets a young spirit who takes him on a journey to a magical far away land called “Shangri-La.” “What is eternal?” Wang asks. “Memory” the young spirit replies.

Script by Ismene Ting

Composed by John Vaughn, Tony Taylor

Lyrics by Ismene Ting, Stan Lai, Nai-chu Ding

Directed by Ismene Ting

Cast: Tao Chuanzheng, DD Lin, Huang Xinxin, Huang Shibo, Huang Nanshun, Huang Mingmin, Li Jianchang, He Shunshun

Scenic Design: Liu Peineng

Lighting Design: Michael Lizen Chien

Costume and Makeup Design: Sandra Woodall

Music Management: Stan Lai

Produced by Nai-chu Ding

World Premier: 4/20/2000 Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

Toured Cities: Kaohsiung, Chungli, Taichung

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