We Won't Pay! We Won't Pay!

How can a Nobel Prize winning literature possibly be this crazy?

In a crumbling Taipei housing community, a group of housewives led by Mrs. Qiang loot the neighborhood supermarket in an impromptu revolt against the developer. Mrs. Qiang’s husband, a factory worker, is a law-abiding man who believes society can progress only if everyone obeys the law. To hide the goods from her husband, Mrs. Qiang stashes part of it under her neighbor’s clothes, leading the husband to believe the neighbor is pregnant.  Politics, sex and the surrealistically unpredictable unfold in hilarious yet chilling fashion as the society grinds toward revolt and anarchy.

Script: Dario Fo

Translation: Stan Lai, Ismene Ting

Directed by Ismene Ting

Cast: Tan Aizhen, Liu Liangzuo, Fan Ruijun, Na Weixun, Tang Congsheng

Scenic Design: Stan Lai

Lighting Design: Fang Luyun

Costume Design: Liu Long, Pan Daili

Music Design and  Production: Huang Shujun

Produced by Nai-chu Ding

Toured Cities: Taipei, Kaohsiung, Taichung, Tainan, Chungli, Hsinchu

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