Total Woman

The Era of Women!

Adding female voices to the crosstalk genre, Total Woman features three top female comedians, creating a diverse crosstalk show that includes a plethora of topics.  The play begins with Betty and Annie hosting a gala event for a women's product firm called Total Woman. They wait for an old woman, reportedly a cross-talk master who never arrives. Her granddaughter, Funny, arrives later and tells them the old master has passed away. As the show must go on, Funny then performs in her place.

Script: Collective creation led by Stan Lai

Creative Process Participated by Fang Fang, Hsiao Ai, Deng Chenghui

Directed by Stan Lai

Cast: Hsiao Ai, Deng Chenghui, Fang Fang

Scenic and Costume Design: Samuel Wang

Lighting Design: Michael Lizen Chien

Music Design: Hong Yutong

Projection Design: Chen Junyen

Executive Producer: Nai-chu Ding

Produced by Hsieh Ming-chang

World Premier: 1/14/2005  Taipei Cultural Center

Toured Cities: Singapore, Taichung, Chungli, Kaohsiung, Hsinchu

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