Mumble Jumble

Cacophony of the Era, Singing While Laughing

Mumble Jumble is a comedy representative of Taiwan's society in response to the elections. The play is  a parody of not only Taiwan politics but democracy in general.  Created through improvisation, Mumble Jumble leads the audience through the seemingly mad emotional landscape of pre-election politics on Taiwan. The performance romps through hilarious farce and sober contemplation. The play serves as an observation of society.

Script: Collective creation led by Stan Lai and Ismene Ting

Inspired by Edward Lam and Hu Enwei's Giliguru

Creative Process Participated by Zhao Ziqiang, Li Jianchang, Lai Fanyun, Liu Hanya, Chen Lihua, Wei Yicheng, Lu Yihui

Directed by Ismene Ting and Stan Lai

Cast: Chen Lihua, Li Jianchang, Wei Yicheng, Lu Yihui, Lai Fanyun, Liu Hanya, Zhao Ziqiang, Xu Tongen

Stan Lai as the Lightbulb

Ismene Ting as the Vietnamese Bride

Scenic and Multimedia Projection Design: Hu Enwei

Lighting Design: Michael Lizen Chien

Sound Design: Du Duzhi

Costume Design: Christine Suzuka and Gyokurei Suzuka

Executive Producer: Nai-chu Ding

World Premier: 11/28/2003 National Theater

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