Either be forgotten by time, or you forget time...

How would you feel if one day you meet someone who claims to be you? How would you feel then, if you think that very person is psychotic yet gradually, you find out that very person is really you, then who is the person you claimed to be psychotic? I.Me.He.Him started from this idea. A man, Shen, and a woman, Jien, travel to Hong Kong for corporate merger talks.  En route, Shen meets a man who claims to be him and Jien meets a woman who claims to be her. The two “others” follow the two main characters hoping to complete a shared memory that has somehow been obliterated.  Love, business, Tiananmen Square and the mystical presence of the deeper aspect of one’s self all begin to push toward a final revelation.

Script: Collective creation led by Stan Lai

Creative Process Participated by Chin Shih-chieh, Ismene Ting, Xiao Ai, Feng Yigang, Liu Liangzuo, Ma Kuiyuan

Directed by Stan Lai

Cast: Feng Yigang, Chin Shih-chieh, Hsiao Ai, Ismene Ting, Lu Yihui, Na Weixun, Liu Liangzuo

Scenic Design: Yao Renxi

Lighting Design: Michael Lizen Chien

Costume Design: Dou Tenghuang

Makeup: Gyokurei Suzuka

Music Design and Production: Hong Ruiqi

Produced by Nai-chu Ding

World Premier: 4/24/1998 Taipei Novel Hall

Toured Cities: Hsinchu, Chungli, Kaohsiung, Tainan, Taichung

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