Confucius / Confusion

Start on a Journey of the Heart on Winter Nights...

An experimental play about an intellectual's self-discovery and self-criticism. Performed in the National Theatre's experimental space, this production was the Performance Workshop’s first attempt to create an alternative to the large theater experiences of its seasonal works, and to allow young theater artists to experiment away from the pressures that audience expectations over the years had presented. Written and directed by Yen Hung-ya, this play is inspired by the anecdote of Confucius looking for Laozi and strives to present a series of evaluation and self-reflection on life through expressionism and Artaudian theatre .

Written and Directed by Yen Hung-ya

Cast: Zhao Zi-qiang as the Guide, the Landlord, the Lord, the Postman, Gungsun, Changju, Lao Tze

Chen Shijie as the Guard, the King, the Innkeeper, the Man from Kuang, Jiero

Jiang Weihua as the Girl

Ying Zhaode as Zigao/Xiaogao

Scenic and Lighting Design: Liu Chuan-fu

Costumes: Xiao Lien-lien

Music: Ho Yi-fan

Artistic Director: Stan Lai

Producer: Nai-chu Ding

World Premier: 9/1/1990 National Theater Experimental Space

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