Circle Story

A Complex Love Story Set in a Complex City...

The third work of the Performance Workshop brought audiences into the theatre in unprecedented numbers. In a mixture of storytelling and Schnitzler's ”La Ronde” structure, Circle Story dealt with the decline of Taipei's famed "Circle” area of food stalls and the government's haphazard policies toward it as a metaphor for the vicious cycle of relationships in modern Taipei life.

Some critics thought it to be the finest work of Performance Workshop to date, "letting the vacuum of city life permeate the interlocked scenes of absurd romance", others labeled it as commercial and "Broadway-ish.”


Script: Collective creation led by Stan Lai

Director: Stan Lai

Cast: Li Kuo-hsiu as Jia Yunwei

Ting Yeh-tien as Kang Yilo

Lee Li-chun as Zhao Bingzhong

Chin Chih-chuan (Wa Wa) as Ding Juanjuan

Deng An-ning as Chen Wuning

Ismene Ting as Ling Jixing

Ku Pao-ming as Jia Genwei

Scenic and Lighting Design: Alan Kuang-yen Nieh

Costumes: Pamela Chin

Producer: Nai-chu Ding

World Premiere:March 3, 1987, National Arts Hall, Taipei.

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