Secret Love in Peach Blossom Land

Classic of Chinese Theater 2012 Revival

“The most popular contemporary play in China.”

New York Times

“The play makes many current Broadway productions shrink in stature.”

New York Press

An important landmark in Chinese theater history.

NEWSWEEK (Beijing)

“The pinnacle of contemporary Chinese theatrical art.”


International Daily News, U.S.A

A Contemporary Classic of Chinese Theater    

When this play was first named, the actors complained to the director how it sounded grammatically false. However, such “grammatically-false named” play astounded everyone at its premier twenty-six years ago. What happens is a meta-theatrical collage: contemporary vs. the old, current events vs. classic literature, tragedy vs. comedy, crazy laughter vs. quiet tears. Based on structured chaos, the play indeed invents a new grammar. During these twenty-six years, audiences have changed their views toward theater, art, and even life due to the magic of this play. The play is truly an extraordinary product of a “grammatically false” era. Just like Teahouse and Thunderstorm, Secret Love in Peach Blossom Land has been regarded as the classic of Chinese theater of the century.


Script: Collective creation led by Stan Lai (1986)

Directed by Stan Lai

Cast: Huang Lei, Sun Li, Zhao Junyan, Jiao Yang, Wu Bing, Oseto Miho, Chen Minghao (Partial performance), Wu Bi (Partial performance), Xie Na (Partial performance), Zhao Huizi (Partial performance), He Jiong, Cai Lu, Dai Yun Yi, Meng Qianqian, Li Yan (Partial performance), Hong Shaoshan (Partial performance)

Scenic Design: Stan Lai, Ron Chang

Lighting Design: Chien Lee-zen

Original Costume Design: William Suk-ping Chang

Original Music: Fumio Itabashi and Kazio Umezu
Animation: Celeste Lai, Peyton Skyler Harrison

Graphic Design: Chen Chun-yen

Costume Reshape: Lin Yu-ling

Executive Producer: Nai-chu Ding

Producer: Wang Keran, Huang Lei, Hsieh Ming-chang

Production Manager: Vanessa Yeo

Stage Manager: Chen Li-mei

Technical Consultant: Szy Chien-hua
Director’s Assistant: Chen Ran

Secret Love in PeachBlossomLandpremiered at Taipei National Arts Hall on March 3rd, 1986. It was directed by Stan Lai, and the script was accomplished by collective creation led by Stan Lai. The ones who participated in the creative process are Chin Shih-chieh, Nai-chu Ding, Kuan Kuan, Shih Hsin-hui, Chin Shih-hui, Lee Li-chun, Liu Jingmin, Ku Pao-ming, Chen Yuhui, You Anshun, Su Wanling

2012 Tour Schedule

Beijing/Beijing Poly Theatre – 3 runs

Shanghai/Shanghai Oriental Art Centre – 2 runs

Guangzhou/Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center – 2 runs

Dongguan/Dongguan Yulan Theatre – 2 runs

Shenzhen/Shenzhen Poly Theatre – 2 runs

Wuhan/ Wuhan Qintai Grand Theatre – 2 runs

Zhengzhou/Henan Art Center – 1 run

Xi’an/Xi’an International Conference – 2 runs

Chongqing/Chongqing Grand Theatre – 2 runs

Wenzhou/Wenzhou Grand Theatre – 2 runs

Lishui/Lishui Grand Theatre – 1 run

Changzhou/Changzhou Grand Theatre – 1 run

Wuxi/Wuxi Grand Theatre – 2 runs

Zhangjiagang/Zhangjiagang Poly Theatre – Cancelled due to Haikui Typhoon

Yantai/Yantai Grand Theatre – 1 run

Qingdao/Qingdao Grand Theatre - 2 runs

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